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We are eager to share our love of libraries with you, especially the dramatic story of Egypt's Biblitheca Alexandrina. We are available to present at schools, libraries, conferences and special events:
Librarian Presentation


We are also happy to tailor presentations to your curriculum objectives or other needs.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss specifics, including fees and scheduling.



The presentation "was fresh, informative, and thought provoking much like Hands Around the Library.

The topics covered went beyond your book.  The depth of your experience, ability to think broadly, articulate both, and your commitment to providing children with a rich literary experience (while making contemporary issues and cultures come alive) was evident throughout the evening.  Rarely does a nearly 3 hour class feel too brief! 

The discussion generated was stimulating and inspired a blog for Reading Rockets . Thank you for sharing your expertise, enthusiasm, and insights. Maria Salvadore, professor Advanced Seminar in Children's Literature at the University of Maryland


We had a great follow-up discussion.  Also, I ran into one dad at the Farmer’s Market this weekend.  He said his daughter went into great detail with the family about your visit, had them all looking at your website and the library pics, etc.  He reiterated that she is very passionate about saving farmland, environmental issues, etc., and that she was very excited about meeting you and our class discussion.  She obviously continued the conversation!

Thank you again for making the visit possible; it was greatly appreciated.  Best wishes as you continue to promote your beautiful book and challenge and broaden the thinking of our children – so important!  Betty Hunter, Librarian, St. Margaret School, Bel Air, MD


My first and second graders in Costa Rica had a wonderful time Skyping with Ms. Leggett-Abouraya!  She led them through an interactive lesson that taught them about the value of fair elections and civic duties.  Before the call, Ms. Leggett-Abouraya took the time to get to know our curriculum and planned the call with this in mind.  The connections between the content of our "visit" and the rest of our classroom curriculum are what made this experience such a memorable one for my students.  She was able to make abstract concepts such as revolution and democracy tangible to even my youngest students.  I wholeheartedly recommend that every teacher of any grade level make time to schedule a visit with Karen Leggett-Abouraya  Erika Widmeyer Dooley, teacher, SEAS International School, Costa Rica  


Hands Around the Library is an inherently fascinating story for anyone who loves libraries and books. But author Karen Leggett adds a further dimension of interest with her engaging presentation of the story behind Hands Around the Library and how she came to write the book.  Leggett also details, step-by-step, the process used by illustrator Susan Roth to create the vibrant collage illustrations for the book. Her slides of Roth’s creative process really help audience understand the work and care that the artist put into her illustrations.  Overall, Leggett’s well-paced presentation is perfect for a wide variety of ages.
Karen MacPherson, Takoma Park Public Library, Takoma Park, Maryland


Mrs. Abouraya presented her new book, Hands Around the Library at the Forest Knolls PTA Book Fair Family Night (Silver Spring, MD) on November 29, 2012.  Using a PowerPoint presentation, posters, and other hands-on materials, she was able to bring the book to life for our students and parents.  She explained the historical events that were happening in January 2011 that inspired the authors to write this story.  The book was based upon a news story which showcased librarians, students, men, women, and children who held hands and circled the building to protect the library and the books inside during the demonstrations for freedom taking place in Alexandria, Egypt.  The presentation was very well received by our community!   Susan Osmun, librarian, Forest Knolls Elementary School, Silver Spring, MD