Hands Around the Library Highlighted at Library of Congress

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Librarian of Congress James Billington shared Hands Around the Library during his introduction of Alexandria Library Director Ismail Serageldin at the Library of Congress on March 8.

Dr. Billington: “There has been a book with relation to the events of the Arab Spring and the special role of the Library of Alexandria. It’s called Hands Around the Library. I’ll just show you some of the pictures. I’m not giving the lecture, but when the protesters were in the streets of Alexandria they were met by our speaker today… So what happened? He joined hands with the young people, explaining to them that the library isn’t something they can have as a target. Here he is again, joining hands and there is a remarkable thing. This building was surrounded by young people joining hands who were part of that whole event. It was an amazing phenomenon. Hands Around the Library.”

Dr. Serageldin also included slides of Hands Around the Library in his presentation on the Library of Alexandria. A similar presentation is available on Dr. Serageldin’s website currently; his LOC presentations will be available online in a few weeks.