Hands Around the Library - In Arabic

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The Arabic version, published by the Library in Alexandria, Egypt - Bibliotheca Alexandrina - includes this message at the front of the book:

What would you do to protect books you care about?

It was an historic moment that captured the hearts of all parts of the world, when thousands of Egyptians came out - students, library staff and demonstrators. They were holding their hands to form a human chain around the Alexandria Library, their steadfastness aimed at protecting the glass building from any damage amid the turmoil that accompanied the widespread protests. At that moment the people of Egypt revealed their love for books and libraries. This love was able to unite the entire country as the heart of one man, even in moments of turmoil and instability.

The story is told in Hands Around the Library - this glorious moment in history- through the expressive text and bright collage graphics. And this book will open doors for discussion, highlighting the importance of books and libraries in our lives.