Resources for Young Writers

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Imagine. Envision. Write. Revise. Submit. Read.

from (Young Adult Review Network)

The process of writing is quite solitary, but the process of finding an audience for your writing requires reaching out - convincing someone else that what you have written is worth reading. Here are a few tips and resources to help you improve your writing, discover your voice and find an audience.

Ask and Learn

    • Most authors have websites with email addresses. Many authors, especially those who write for children and teens, respond personally. Ask how they started to publish their writing, where they get their ideas, how to solve a particular problem in your own writing, if they offer writing workshops for young people. In the Washington area, you can find many children's authors on the website for the Children's Book Guild of Washington, D.C., as well as advice for aspiring authors and illustrators.

Submissions to Magazines and Contests

        • Cicada: Submissions, tips and resources. Ages 14 and up.
        • Creative Kids: National magazine. Ages 8 – 16.
        • Imagine: Information and inspiration to make the most of your precollege years. Grades 7-12.
        • New Moon: Ad-free magazine for girls. Ages 8 and up.
        • One Teen Story: Literary magazine for young adult readers of all ages.
        • Potluck: Diverse collection of creative media. All ages.
        • Skipping Stones: Ad-free, international, nonprofit magazine. Submissions & contests. Ages 8-16.
        • Stone Soup: Magazine for creative kids. Ages 8-13.
        • Teen Ink: Magazine, website, and books written by teens since 1989. Ages 13-19.
        • YARN: Literary journal by and for young adult readers
        • Meet the editors of YARN
        • Young DC: The newspaper by and about Washington Metro area teens

Oodles of Ideas

Programs/Classes for Young Writers

Compiled by Karen Leggett Abouraya and Friends of the Library Montgomery County, Maryland